Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.1 phillip lim for target launch

image via Target
Well, the time has finally come my lovelies!  The official launch of 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target kicked off with a bang as of this morning.  After checking my Twitter and Instagram feed, I soon realized that many people all over the US had been standing in line for hours for the store's doors to open.  Most of the line sold out online within minutes!  
image via Target
Lucky for me, living in a small suburb outside of Nashville, there was zero hype regarding the line at our local Target.  I even scored the first parking spot!  I already knew exactly which pieces I wanted to get before heading out.  I think this was my only saving grace for not scooping up every single handbag!  Obviously I was going to grab some bags, but once I saw this sweatshirt on Jessica Alba, I added that to my list of must haves.
image via Vogue
 For the most part, I think the handbags are beyond phenomenal. You definitely know they are a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag when you see them.  They are so very similar to the oh-so-popular Pashli, which can cost you upwards of $800.  I am so glad I held out on buying the Pashli.  
Seriously, $800 or $ no brainer. 
Regarding the clothing, I wasn't completely in love, with the exception of the sweatshirt.  
The pieces were great quality, just not really my style.  
Below are some shots from the morning and my purchases:

 The final verdict?  
Go on girl, getcha' some!


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  1. I should have gone shopping up there with you instead of staying up until 3 am last night! haha
    Looks like you got quite the score! I picked up the large tote & mini satchel, but have to wait for the mail man to bring them to me!



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