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blogger spotlight: b jones style

This week's blogger spotlight is featuring the beyond talented Beth Jones of the fabulous style blog, B. Jones Style.  I actually stumbled upon Beth's blog when I was searching the web for inspiration from one of the most fashionable TV icons of all time- Carrie Bradshaw.  

Beth has created a brilliant feature on her blog entitled "What Would Carrie Wear?"  She recreates iconic outfits from the show, and also applies her own interpretation of what Carrie would wear today.  I am absolutely addicted.  Besides that feature, she also has one of the most amazing wardrobes of anyone I have ever seen.  
She has such a wear of wearing clothes fearlessly, and always looking fantastic!  

Keep reading to find out more about Beth, and be sure to stop by her blog.  
You are going to want to clear a few hours of your schedule ahead of time, though.  

Trust me, the fabulousness is unlimited.

WUYW:  Of all of your posts, which outfit or feature has been your absolute favorite thus far?

I love doing my WHAT WOULD CARRIE WEAR features. They are out of the box and allow me to step outside my own reality and dress the way that I think Carrie Bradshaw might dress. 

WUYW:  Why would you consider this your best post to date?

I think the WHAT WOULD CARRIE WEAR feature is something you can’t find on other blogs. So many people love the character of Carrie Bradshaw and all the fabulous outfits that she would wear, and I get to pretend to be her for the day!!

WUYW:  How/why/when did you decide to start a fashion blog?

I started my first fashion blog called The Vintage Society in January 2007. I started because I was considering opening a vintage store and wanted a place to put out my ideas and inspirations. It changed over the years and morphed into B. Jones Style in 2010 because I decided not to open the store and pursue more opportunities that were happening because of my blog. 

WUYW:  What was your biggest hesitation regarding starting a blog, and how did you overcome that hesitation?

I started before blogs were popular, so I didn’t have any hesitations because I really didn’t even know people would read it unless I told them about it in person. When I started doing outfit posts it felt a little funny, and I was a little embarrassed to explain it to people. So much has changed since then, and now it is so much more common. 

WUYW:  What would be your biggest piece of advice for others who are just starting a blog?

Have a clean well-designed blog, use a DSLR camera, write content that gives your POV, start connecting with other bloggers, PR contacts, and industry professionals. 

WUYW:  What do you do for a living?  

I blog full time. 

WUYW:  How would you describe your style?

Eclectic and character driven.

WUYW:  If you could only save one item from your closet (heaven forbid), what item would it be?

My vintage CHANEL bag.

WUYW:  Who or what is currently influencing your style the most?

I always love Carrie Bradshaw and she inspires me daily.

WUYW:  If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be with?

Catherine Baba


A big, big, big thank you to the WONDERFUL Beth Jones of B. Jones Style for taking the time to interview on behalf of WUYW!  

Like what you see?
Find more of B. Jones Style here:


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  1. wow, she is just FABulous! I loved reading more about her unique point of view when it comes to fashion!


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