Thursday, June 6, 2013

insider's tip: the shelf

As an elementary school teacher, I often find myself on a strict shopping budget.  I try to do various things to work around this, such as: remix items in my closet, shop at cheaper stores for trendy items, and/ or save my money up to invest in luxury items that will stand the test of time.  When I can find ANY item on sale or clearance, I consider it a sign from above that it was meant to be!  I have been know to stalk items for pop up sales, scour the internet for coupon codes, etc.  You name it, I do it.
Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a site that would watch prices for me? I would tell the site what items I want... and then tell them a price I was willing to pay... and have them watch these items on my behalf. Shelf does just that!! 

With Shelf, you can bookmark items you like and want to keep track of. They are filterable by store or category. Next you can specifically view each item in a detailed panel to see quick stats: current price, amount of savings, promo codes required for the savings, and a historical price tracking chart. For each item you can set up a price alert at the price you are willing to pay. And then, voila! You've got yourself the perfect system of shopping, shelfing, sharing, and saving!

I like to think of it as Pinterest + Priceline + RetailMeNot.  Basically, it is a platform that helps you monitor the items that you love, ALL IN ONE PLACE, and will notify you at the right time and price.

I also have the extreme honor of being on of The Shelf's "Featured Bloggers." 

You can view my personal shelf here.
Find a little sneak peek below:

Be sure to sign up for your own personal Shelf account here.  
You can also find them on Twitter!

Let me know what you think fellow shoppers :)


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  1. Speaking of that budget, I found the skort I wore last night, still in stock, for less, right here:
    #ShoppingEnabler !


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