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blogger spotlight: julie leah

This week, I am asking you dear readers to give a warm welcome to the classic beauty,  Miss Julie Leah of the life & style blog Julie Leah!  Each time she posts an outfit, she manages to pull off this gorgeous, timeless nod to the 50s (which you KNOW I love), all while tying in the most trendy of accessories and keeping the look fresh and up to date! I will also say that something about her just seems so sweet and approachable- then after interviewing her, I realized that she works as a school counselor!  It really does take a person with a big heart to work with children.
  I have a feeling if we ever meet in person we would just hit it off ;)

Without further ado, here are Julie's responses to the WUYW blogger spotlight interview. If you haven't yet had the opportunity to check out her blog, please do yourself a favor and get over there ASAP.  I am pretty sure she secretly doubles as a fabulous interior decorator!  


WUYW:  Of all of your posts, which outfit or feature has been your absolute favorite thus far?

Surprisingly, I haven’t been doing outfit posts that long – since around December of last year. Of the personal style posts that I’ve done so far, my favorite is this recent outfit from a blogger collaboration I’m working on. I think this outfit captures my style and personality perfectly. 

WUYW:  Why would you consider this your best post to date?

This outfit is just so “me.” Do you ever have those outfits that just make you feel super confident, girly, and pretty? That’s how I feel in this dress. I don’t know if it’s the ladylike details or the fact that I was able to punch it up with a bold necklace (I’m an accessories girl), but this is definitely my favorite outfit I’ve documented so far.

WUYW:  How/why/when did you decide to start a fashion blog?

I started my blog in October of 2009. As so many bloggers do, I had just started my first “real job” and was desperately seeking a creative outlet. My best friend suggested I start a blog – keep in mind, at the time, I had no idea what a blog was! I did a little research and launched my blog, Brown Eyed Belle. As my blog has grown and evolved, about a year ago I decided to change the name to Julie Leah: A life & style blog – everyone knew me from my other social media accounts as Julie Leah and it just seemed to fit. It seemed like the name captured more of who I am as a person outside my blog and helped me reach an audience I felt like I wasn’t connecting with before. I’ve kept my blog alive because it has truly become part of who I am and brings me inspiration every day. I can’t imagine my life without my blog – or the wonderful people (lifelong friends) I’ve met through blogging. It’s truly been a blessing.

WUYW:  What was your biggest hesitation regarding starting a blog, and how did you overcome that hesitation?

My biggest hesitation was getting past the “perfection” hump. Whenever I start a project, I put my heart and soul into it – I give one hundred percent. And I didn’t want my blog to be any different. I struggled over the design, the photos, every post – was I saying what I really wanted to? Were people reading my ramblings? Did anyone care? My blog has grown as I’ve grown over the past three years and just in the last year do I really feel like I’ve become the blogger that I’ve been striving to be. There’s certainly still more to learn, but I feel content with where I am.

WUYW:  What would be your biggest piece of advice for others who are just starting a blog?

I’ve written lots of “advice” posts for bloggers – you can read them all here. But my biggest piece of advice for beginners is this - interact with your audience and other bloggers. Respond to tweets and comments, tweet about posts that you liked from another blogger, say “thank you” when someone leaves a comment on Instagram. Being nice is always in style and it definitely applies in the blogging community. Create original content – take your own photos, create your own collages, create a space that people come to looking for inspiration and answers.

WUYW:  What do you do for a living?

I’m a school counselor at a Catholic elementary/middle school. Counselor by day, blogger by night!

WUYW:  How would you describe your style?

My style is classic with a twist. I’m a fan of pieces that never go out of style, but I also love to throw in trendy pieces, as well. I like mixing high and low items from my closet to create fun, eye-catching combinations. You’ll find me in everything from blazers to sequin tees, black dress pants to colored denim. And as I mentioned above, accessories are a huge part of my getting ready routine – jewelry, bags, shoes – I can’t get enough! 

WUYW:  If you could only save one item from your closet (heaven forbid), what item would it be? 

This is one answer that would change from week to week and season to season. But right now, I would probably say my Coach bag from the Legacy Collection. It’s my most recent “investment” purchase and I truly love it. The color is watermelon – isn’t that so perfect? Now that I think about it, I wish I had something more sentimental!

WUYW:  Who or what is currently influencing your style the most?

I’m constantly inspired by so many people/things. I’m in the midst of a revamp of my townhouse – not a remodel, just changing colors and d├ęcor – so lately I’ve been inspired by design blogs and all the fabulous “interior inspiration” boards on pinterest. On any given day, though, I’m inspired by my favorite bloggers and tastemakers. I have certain sites that I check every day for new content, pinterest accounts that I stalk, and online magazines that I click through multiple times.

WUYW:  If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be with?

I would have to say either Deborah Lloyd (can you imagine all the amazing Kate Spade pieces she has!) or SJP – if I could have them both, my closet would be a dream come true!
A huge "thank you" to the amazing Julie for interviewing on behalf of WUYW!

Like what you see?  
Find more of Julie Leah here! 




  1. Thank you, thank you!! I am so flattered by the sweet comments, Morgan! You're so kind :) Thank you for featuring me on your blog - this turned out great!

    xo, Julie

  2. I adore Julie's blog & style!! this is a great post!


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