Monday, April 29, 2013

wardrobe essentials

Unfortunately, there will not be any outfit posts this week!  I have officially been out of commission for over a week now due to an upper respiratory infection/ walking pneumonia .  I have never missed this many days of work before, or spent so much time sleeping and taking steam showers.  Thankfully I have had Coco and Ryan trying to nurse me back to health, and it appears that I am on the road to recovery- fingers crossed.

I have had a lot of time to do some thinking this week, and one thing that I have not covered on my blog, thus far, is a wardrobe checklist.  I have seen many of these "Closet Checklists" floating around on various blogs and on Pinterest.  I have seen some that are extremely valuable, and some that are just plain unrealistic.

I have decided to put together a list of my personal wardrobe essentials.  This has been an evolving project of sorts, and I myself do not yet have all of these items that I believe to be essentials.  I am still finding myself in an awkward transition of style.  I still have many clothes/shoes/accessories in my closet from high school and college. I do not wear them (as if!), but I mentally cannot purge clothes from my closet unless I have something to replace them with.
It literally makes me feel panicked.  

I never realized what a bad shopper I had been until after I graduated college.  I was no longer in a place were it was socially acceptable to wear Nike shorts and sorority formal t-shirts.  Most of my clothes were "trendy," and I definitely lacked the basics.  I never wanted to buy a boring white tee or denim jacket when I could spend my money on something more popular at that time (Bebe tops- I am looking at you.) I was needing to build a professional wardrobe for work, with pieces that could be worn on the weekends, out on the town, and didn't make me feel like a frumpy older woman.

I feel that I am much more educated and thoughtful regarding what I spend my money on now.  I truly believe that it is so important to splurge (if necessary) on timeless, classic pieces that will transcend the years, and utilize places like Forever21, H&M, and Zara for the trendy, of the moment pieces.   So here it is- my idea of a wardrobe checklist, and my ultimate goal for my closet!  Most of these I buy in several colors and prints, if applicable!  I definitely stock up when I find something perfect for me.

Trench Coat // Leather Jacket // Denim Jacket // Utility Jacket // Fur Vest // Blazer // Wool/Pea Coat // Tweed Jacket // Leopard Coat

Striped Tee // Chambray Blouse // White Blouse // Cardigan // Gingham Blouse // Polkadot Blouse // Plaid Blouse // Plain T-shirt // Turtleneck

Pencil Skirt // White Skinny Jeans // Leather Leggings // Boyfriend Jeans // Skinny Jeans // Floral/Patterned Skirt // Floral/Patterned Pants // Camo Skinny Jeans // Denim Cut Off Shorts

Riding Boots // Rain Boots // Biker/Moto Boots // Sandals/Flip Flops // Espadrilles/Wedges // Strappy Sandals // Ballet Flats // Basic Pumps // Booties

Crossbody Bag // Scarf // Gloves // Sunglasses // Stackable Bracelet // Clutch // Boyfriend Watch // Handbag // Monogram Necklace

Again, these are just my personal choices and goals I have for my own closet!
Hopefully this will be a helpful tool for some of you who also need to build from the basics.

What are your wardrobe must haves?



  1. I'm addicted to these types of posts and this is one of my most favorite ever. Love your staples - and totally agree with your picks, they provide lots of different styling options! I'd add dresses to my mix, I can't live without a good LBD and a grunge-esque floral-print babydoll dress.

  2. Shannon PulsiferMay 2, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    LOVE the Celine bag!


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