Sunday, April 7, 2013

nfw: night two

Back again- here to give you the play-by-play of Night Two's events for Nashville Fashion Week 2013.  This time the shows took place at Rolling Mill Hills at the Trolley Barn- a gorgeous outdoor venue with beautiful white lights strung overhead.  Although it was a little chilly outside, I was too visually consumed by the clothes walking down the runway to even notice the frigid temps.  

This night of fashion week featured shows from Kat Seaton, Tuft, Black by Maria Silver, Pink Elephant Designs, and T Rains.  My favorite show of the night had to be Black by Maria Silver.  Her show had was an amazing hybrid of 1920s fashion meets 1970s style.  Not only was the clothing impeccably made, but it was actually stuff that I would wear in real life.  

My second favorite show of the evening was Pink Elephant designs.  This line was extremely girlie- lots of pastel colors, and LOTS of tulle.  It was full of whimsy and fun, shapely silhouettes.   Make sure you scroll down to her show and check out the GORGEOUS yellow gown with black lace detailing- it literally took my breath away!

T Rains seemed to be the most anticipated show of the evening, but I feel that it was purely for shock value.  I was definitely impressed with his creativeness and his ability to construct, but I think it was just a little too much for me personally (especially his menswear line). I will say- there is a gray feather gown towards the end of this post that is seriously amazing!

Rolling Mill Hills at the Trolley Barn

Amanda Valentine!  via



T Rains Models Backstage via

Another fun moment of the night?

Getting to meet Amanda Valentine- Nashville designer and recent Project Runway contestant!  

 Her and her photog husband are so sweet :)


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