Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spring break style- what's yours?

When I begin to outfit plan for an upcoming trip, I like to get styling tips from outfits on Pinterest and in various fashion magazines.  Then I try to dig through my closet and find things that are similar to the ideas that I have collected and recreate those looks (hopefully for less money).  If there are any missing pieces to an outfit I am trying to create, I then know what I am searching for online and/or in the mall.  It's almost like going on a scavenger hunt with myself!
No, but really, we will be heading down to the beach house in Destin, Florida for my Spring Break. This is one of my FAVORITE places that we have always gone to since I was very young.  Ryan and I even got married there. What I am even more excited about is that Coco gets to come to the beach :) I am in desperate need of sun, sand, and relaxation!

Below are some of the outfit inspirations that I am using for packing this year's Spring Break items. 

(All Images found via Pinterest)

Definitely feeling lots of denim, prints, color, stripes, hats, tortoise shell, and sandals for this season's warm weather.

Check out some of my current obsessions for spring/summer below! 

What are your spring/summer must haves?



  1. loving the bright color scheme and especially the floral, leather and cutoff inspo, i feel a new post idea coming on! have so much fun on your trip! xo

  2. have fun! may the weather cooperate with you!

  3. Loving that short sleeved chambray. I need a good pair of white pants, & some easy daily dresses.. :)

  4. I love this comfy chic look for Spring Break! Stripes are seriously the best.


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