Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what i wore: leather peplum + sequin mini

Leather Peplum: Tinley Road | Sequin Mini: TJ Maxx (similar here) | Shoes: Asos (sold out) | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters | Bracelets: Stella and Dot and Jcrew | Watch: Similar Here

For some reason these shoes did not shoot well/accurately.  They look like a tangerine orange!  They are actually HOT-NEON-HIGHLIGHTER-HURT-YOUR-EYES-PINK! 


Monday, January 28, 2013

what i wore: fool's gold

Foil Sweater: Rock & Republic | Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: DSW |  Clutch: Similar Here) | Sunnies: Similar Here| Bracelets: Christmas Gifts | Necklace 1: Similar Here) | Necklace 2: Ell and Emm | Necklace 3: Dillard's | Necklace 4: Etsy


Saturday, January 26, 2013

what i wore: pink + leopard | HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!

 pink and leopard

pink and leopard

pink and leopard

pink and leopard
This post is obviously inspired by the phenomenal Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (see her post here). I wish I could recreate every single one of her outfits!  The only twist with my outfit is my destructed boyfriend jeans, which I cannot seem to stop wearing!

I also wanted to wish our sweet baby shih tzu, Coco, a very HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!  We love her very much!

pink and leopard

pink and leopard

pink and leopard

pink and leopard

Coat: Asos | Black Turtle Neck: Jcrew | Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: BHLDN | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters | Scarf: Thrifted | Gloves: Thrifted | Bracelets: Jcrew and Stella and Dot | Watch: Similar Here

And here was baby Coco the day we brought her home!

shih tzu

shih tzu


Friday, January 25, 2013

blogger spotlight: leopard and lavender

This week's blogger spotlight features Kelli Ryder of Leopard & Lavender!  Kelli is a cutie who lives in San Francisco, CA and works as an editorial assistant for Rue Magazine. She is one of those girls who has that natural cool factor that you just can't fake.  Her looks are always effortlessly put together and really get my fashion ideas flowing. Neat fact: Kelli actually went one whole year WITHOUT SHOPPING!!! Intrigued? Keep reading!

WUYW:  Of all of your posts, which outfit or feature has been your absolute favorite thus far? 

Over the past year, my blog has evolved and changed. I use it as a way to express myself creatively as well as challenge my skills- whether it is styling, graphic design, photography, etc. When I create a post that I am really proud of, it instantly becomes my favorite for that week or month. My standards for myself and the aesthetic of my blog are always changing and upgrading… so what I once considered my best outfit post of all time now makes me cringe. If I had to choose- the posts I enjoy looking back on the most are my What a Weekend posts. Since I recently moved to San Francisco, those are the ones I use to show my family and close friends what I’ve been up to. They’re not always focused on fashion or design or the blogging world, but more a glance into my life. 

WUYW: Why would you consider this your best post to date? 

The What a Weekend posts are my best because they’re always 100% Me. When it is an outfit post or a DIY, it often is trying something new and experimenting. The photo-diary type posts are always true to my life, my experiences, and myself. It is helpful to show readers who I really am aside from when I’ve got my hair and makeup done in front of a camera.

WUYW:  How/why/when did you decide to start a fashion blog? 

I first started blogging a few years ago with the blog StopShop ( I enjoy writing- it is my main passion- and I wanted something to write about that people would actually want to read. I decided to go a year without shopping, and I did it! I was incredibly proud and felt so accomplished when the year ended, yet I sort of lost my creative outlet after I completed the goal. I started Leopard and Lavender so that I would have a space to continue writing, yet not be confined by the rules of StopShop.

WUYW:  What was your biggest hesitation regarding starting a blog, and how did you overcome that hesitation? 

I originally am from a smaller city (Boise, ID). I was nervous about what people would think or if they would judge me. It definitely kept me restrained from completely putting myself out there. Once my readership grew, so did my confidence. I started putting more thought and effort into the blog, and before I knew it- girls who I’d never talked to were approaching me to say they loved what I was doing. I realized that people are always going to judge you, blog or not, so you may as well do something you love and not worry what anyone thinks. In the grand scheme of things- blogging is what makes me happy and has given me my current career path.

WUYW:  What would be your biggest piece of advice for others who are just starting a blog? 

Don’t worry about numbers or get wrapped up comparing yourself to other bloggers. Stay true to who you are, and your blog will grow. If you compare yourself, or try to mimic other blogs, it will self-destruct. It is so easy to compare yourself, your clothes, your writing, to all the other blogs out there and start to feel discouraged. It has happened to me more than once! But then I remembered I never started a blog to be famous. I started a blog because it is what I love to do.

WUYW:  What do you do for a living?  
I’m an Editorial Assistant for Rue Magazine, and I also manage their social media.

WUYW: How would you describe your style?

My style is fairly casual with a hint of glam. I always let comfort win- but I don’t ever allow that to compromise my look. In my closet, you’ll find clothes that are edgy hanging next to super girly pieces. I don’t like to confine myself to one aesthetic.

WUYW:  If you could only save one item from your closet (heaven forbid), what item would it be?

That would be tragic!! However, clothing wise- I feel like I could replace everything, even the vintage stuff. The one item I own that is entirely irreplaceable is a cameo ring from my Grandma. My Grandpa got it for her in Italy and it is my absolutely favorite piece. I couldn’t live without it. 

WUYW:  Who or what is currently influencing your style the most?

Honestly, San Francisco. It is such a unique place to live… and you always need to be prepared for any weather change or to walk a (somewhat) long distance. My style has become more functional since living here- for example I only want chunky heels now, not stilettos. I have had to add more scarves and find ways to always have a sweater, because the weather changes neighborhood by neighborhood. I refuse to let function make me feel frumpy- so I have fun finding ways to maintain my personal style.

 WUYW:  If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be with?

Olivia Palermo. She so effortlessly combines styles- she has created a look all her own.


A HUGE thanks to Kelli!  Make sure to stop by her blog, Leopard & Lavender, to check her out!



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what i wore: pink + polkadots

Trench Coat: NY&Co (similar here) | Polkadot Blouse: Kardashian Kollection (similar here) | Leather Leggings:  Kirna Zabete for Target (similar here) | Shoes: Asos (sold out) | Purse: Betsey Johnson (sold out) | Earrings: Old Navy (in stores- on serious sale- $1.99)

Pink, black, and white is one of my ALL TIME favorite color combinations.  I love that this outfit has a classic feel with a bit of an edge.  I feel that this could very well carry me into spring!  I was so excited to get these polkadot pumps and purse!  They have been on serious repeat lately :)



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