Saturday, December 22, 2012

gift giving guide: for the writer

On the tenth day of Christmas, I present to you the gift guide for the writer.  This is for those few precious souls that believe a well written note or letter is a true art form.  Even if you just write in a journal, blog, or diary- it counts as writing!  In order to be inspired, one needs inspiring items!  Hopefully this list will help to bring out some of your creativeness AND help to organize all of those brilliant thoughts.

Need a place to write lists? Organize your thoughts?  Brainstorm?  They say that orange is the happiest color, and as a UT Vol Alum I would agree!  This cute orange and white polka dot journal is so sweet and perfect for SO many things!
Deborah Dot Journal

Assorted Card Sets are my favorite! This is the perfect stationery for dropping a line to those who you are thinking of and just want to say "howdy!"  I LOVE the gold detailing on each of these cards- black, white, and gold are so classic!
Assorted "Hello" Cards

These cards are so prissy and I adore it! From the nod to Audrey Hepburn with the cigarette holder, the polka dot PJs, and a top knot, I am in love.  Again- a great set of stationery to have on hand for when you need to write a quick note!
Bonjour Cards

With the New Year upon us, I love this pencil box that asks a very deep question that we all should take the time to consider.  "What you you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"  With regards to creativity, that would be a very important thought to remind yourself of ask you begin working!
Resolution Pencil Set

Is it a lipstick?  Or is it a pen?  Great news- its both!  I think this would be the perfect accessory to keep in your purse for on the go writing- grocery lists, ideas that pop in your head, checks, etc.  Of course we all know read lipstick is the best!
Lipstick Ballpoint Pen

Bows are making a huge reappearance into the fashion scene!  Why not let this darling trend carry over into your writing?  I love the simple sweetness of this set.  Sometimes less really is more!
Sugar Paper Black Bow Set

I am sensing a trend in most of my picks- gold accents!  As a teacher (and a semi-recent bride), I know how important it is to keep a great stack of thank you notes nearby.  From Christmas gifts to kind gestures from your friends and family- make sure you thank them in style!
Gold Painted Stripes Thank You Cards

This set of pencils makes me extremely happy!  Each pencil lists a different thing that seems to make (most) girls happy, such as monograms, ballet flats, polka dots and stripes.  They come in beatuiful colors! Just a sweet little reminder that it really is the little things in life.
Things We Love Pencil Set

As you know, I am a monogram junkie.  This acrylic pencil/pen holder is a fabulous way to organize all of your writer's tools, colored pencils, even make up brushes!
Monogrammed Acrylic Pencil Cup

 Probably out of most people's price range- but way too awesome not to share with you guys!  This is a typewriter that works with your Ipad by a USB connection.  I love mixing the old with the new in my outfits- and this is no exception!  It has the vintage feel of a real typewriter with the modern technology.
USB Typewriter

 Post-It notes?  AMAZING!  Coco Chanel? AMAZING!  Put the two of these together and you've got yourself a winner.  Love the beautiful script on these notes and the convenience of being able to make reminders when you need to!
Classy & Fabulous Sticky Notes

Miss the other gift guides?  Find them here!

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