Sunday, December 16, 2012

gift giving guide: for the tech lover

On the fourth day of Christmas, I present to you the gift giving guide for the Tech Lover. Most of these are for the gals- but there are a few that could suit your gents as well!  I am seriously longing for each of these items- how cool are they?

Glittered Tablet Computer Case
Find it here- available in other colors!

These cute and colorful gloves are touch screen compatible!  I can't of think of anything more practical than gloves that allow you to use your phone while out in the winter weather.  If you are someone who is perpetually freezing, like myself, than these gloves are a perfect fit.
Long Knit Tech Gloves
Find them here- available in other colors!

How sweet are these polka-dot earmuffs that double as headphones?  Now you are able to listen to your favorite Christmas songs while braving the cold.  There is also a built in microphone that enables you to chat on your phone if someone calls while you are jamming!
Spotty Tech Earmuffs
Find them here- available in other colors!

What would pair better with your polka-dot earmuffs/headphones than this cute iPhone 4 clutch?  The strap is removable and this fits both AT & T and Verizon phones.  You will definitely be the talk of the town!
iPhone 4 Wristlet
Find it here.

If you are like me, you monogram everything you can get your hands on!  How great are these monogrammed home button stickers? They add a little extra personalization to your phone, which is great when everyone has the same phone as you, you can really stick out!
Home Button Monogram
Find it here.

Earbuds are always seeming to get misplaced at my house- whether you need a replacement pair or not- these DVF earbuds are spot on with a fantastic print!
Vintage Print Earbuds
Find them here

 Pink? Check. Gingham? Check. Two of my most favorite things all in one.  And can you imagine how cute this would be with a monogram sticker??? 
Gingham iPhone 5 Case
Find it here- available in other colors!

If you have every had the experience of losing any of your work, photos, music, etc., you know important it is to back up!  And why not back up in style?  I think this "Whistle While You Work" jump drive is adorable!
4 GB USB Drive
Find it here

 This is one of those gifts that you may not be thankful for until you need it!  This bag works for cameras, phones, headphones, MP3 players, iPods, watches- you name it. Whenever you drop one of your prized possessions in water (on accident of course), seal your item in this moisture absorbing bag for 24 hours and PRESTO!  Reusable for up to one year.  Can you think of a more practical stocking stuffer?
Bheestie Bag
Find it here

Not only is this cute, because it is super cute, it is also incredibly handy!  It always seems like my phone dies at the most inopportune times.  Keep this back up battery in your purse and plug it in when necessary.  The rechargeable battery  is charged through your computer and holds the charge until you need it.
Back Up Battery for iPhone
Find it here- available in other colors!

This is so cool that my description can't even do it justice.  I'll just quote it directly from the website!
"Compatible with most mobile devices, this revolutionary accessory uses laser-beam technology to generate a full-size standard keyboard on almost any flat surface. Or use it as you would a computer mouse."
Can you say NEAT?
Magic Cube Keyboard
Find it here.

This last one serves no technological purpose, but I did think it was quite funny!  Even if it is just for a gag gift, this solid brass bangle is adorned with two USB drives to make for one cute bracelet!
Flair and Flash Drive Bracelet

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    1. I know- I definitely don't have enough files to justify buying them all, though!

      Morgan of WUYW

  2. those are some great gift ideas:) i'm obsessed with iphone cases, so i can't have enough hihi. also the usb sticks look super funny:)

    1. Me too- they seem to be the newest thing that I am unintentionally starting a collection of :)

      Morgan of WUYW

  3. Hello Dear, I've just foung your blog and I love it, I wonder if you would like to followe eachother. I would love that, please visit my blog and let me know xoxo

    1. Hey girl! Thank you so much for your kind words...I will definitely make sure to stop by your blog.

      Morgan of WUYW


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