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gift giving guide: for the pups

Yes- I am the crazy maniac who treats her dog as if she were my own child. From my personal experience, dogs are the most genuine and loving creatures of all. No matter what the circumstance- they are there for you!  Many of you have gotten to see my sweet princess, Coco, featured in some of my outfit posts (if not, see here, here, here, here, and here).  If you are like me and love to spoil your pooch- this gift guide is for you! After all, they have already given you the best gift of all- unconditional love.

 Coco actually has this collar in green.  I found it through a Pinterest link and immediately was sold.  The perfect thing about this collar is not only its durability, but the fact that the contact information is inscribed onto the buckle.  Now your baby doesn't have to jingle all the way, all the time! These collars can be personalized.  You even have the option to order a matching leash that can be personalized as well!!
Personalized Dog Collar
Find it here- available in 18 other colors.

This was one of the cutest things featured in the Neiman Marcus + Target collaboration.  How lovely for your pup to have an Oscar de la Renta food/water bowl!  What I like about this bowl is that it is large and ceramic. That way your pet cannot easily tip the bowl over.  They are also dishwasher safe!
Ceramic Pet Bowl with Lace Detail

At our house, stuffed toys (particularly squeaky stuffed toys), do not last long.  I found this adorable owl dog toy by Martha Stewart.  It is very soft and easy for their teeth.  The round shape of the toy makes it perfect for throwing, and last but not least- IT SQUEAKS! 
Round Plush Owl

How cute are these?  Each "scone" is topped with carob and dried blueberries to reward your dog with on a special occasion.  The best part? There are no fillers, no preservatives, and no animal by-products!
Canine Cuisine Blueberry Scones

This dog collar option is for the dogs who love to accessorize!  It is made of genuine brown leather with gold-plated hardware.  You are also able to attach various charms to the collar provided by C Wonder!  Charms seem to run around $15 a piece.
Charm Dog Collar

If you are one of the disciplined pet owners who does not allow their dog sleep in bed with them, this is a definite option for you!  The cover is made of 100% cotton and is removable for washing.
Personalized Dog Bed
Find it here- available in other colors
$49.99 - 89.99 depending on size.

Frivolous? Yes. 
Hysterical? Yes.  
You already read why news toys for Christmas are necessary for my dog, and this one is too cute to boot! Why not let them have some shared interests with their owner, like shopping and earning frequent customer rewards?  Bonus: If you exceed your shopping budget, maybe your dog could let you charge on their card?
Barkingdale's Credit Card Toy

Who knew the amazing Jonathan Adler had dog products? I think that this scarf would be one that wouldn't bother your dog too much.  Hopefully they can tolerate wearing it, because it is so adorable for the winter weather!
Knit Dog Scarf

Not only have mustaches made an grand appearance into pop culture for humans as of late, but they are also a hit with the hounds. This is actually a Humunga durable rubber ball toy on one end, and a giant mustache on the other! The way it is shaped causes the dog to hold it a certain way, resulting in lots of laughter.  
Stache Dog Toy

One of the most valued holiday traditions is making old fashioned desserts as gifts and treats for your loved ones.  The problem?  Many of the ingredients, such as chocolate, are not dog friendly.  This is a sweet alternative so your dog doesn't feel left out! 
Peanut Studded Bark Bark

 Another one of my favorites from the Neiman Marcus + Target collection.   This is a darling collar and leash set designed by Oscar de la Renta.  Looks so cute with the matching food/water bowls! Made of leather with gold hardware, featuring laser cut "lace" detailing.
Pet Collar & Leash Set

Although it is a knock off, I adore this plush quilted squeaky purse.  Every pampered princess needs their own purse- and what would be better than one that gives a nod to classic Chanel?
Chewnel Purse Toy

How festive and fitting is this Christmas collar?  Detailed with holly and jingle bells, this collar not only bring holiday cheer to your pet, but comfort as well.
Velvet Wreath Collar

Don't you just love it when you find the perfect pair of heels to go with your favorite handbag?  This shoe is an amazing match for the new Chewnel purse that your fashionista will be sporting.   Even better- they will have their own shoe to chew on, which will be a nice relief for the shoes in your closet!
Jimmy Chew Shoe Dog Toy

And last but not least, an Advent Bone Calendar to help your baby count down the days until Santa brings them all of these fabulous goodies! I am actually not sure where to order this- I found it on Pinterest- but it was too cute not to share! Maybe a fun DIY project?

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