Saturday, December 15, 2012

blogger spotlight: bows and sequins

I am beyond excited to have had the opportunity to interview Jessica of Bows and Sequins.  Not only is she as cute and sweet as they come- she also has a natural affinity for mixing patterns and textures in a playful way.  Jessica has a knack for making her outfits seem effortless, achievable, and affordable!  Because of this talent, Jessica is one of the first bloggers I reached out to for advice when creating Wake Up Your Wardrobe.  Fashionable and kind?  Count me in!


WUYW: Of all of your posts, which outfit or feature has been your absolute favorite thus far?

Wow, hard question! It’s hard to pick an absolute favorite… Sometimes I love the photography, sometimes I love the outfit, and sometimes I think I am more photogenic than other times. Recently, one of my favorite outfits has to be the outfit I wore to celebrate Bows & Sequins’ 2nd birthday. So fun & festive!

Another recent outfit post where I love the photography, but it’s a pretty basic outfit. The colors of the leaves are just perfect with my top, scarf, and coat!  

And an all-time favorite photo… I love the classic combination of this outfit!

WUYW: Why would you consider this your best post to date?

For the leopard/burgundy/fur snood outfit, the lighting on my friend’s rooftop was absolutely perfect and I love the classic, glamorous feel of the outfit!

WUYW: How/why/when did you decide to start a fashion blog? 

 I was “studying” for a finance final my senior year of college when I came across Pretty Shiny Sparkly and was introduced to a whole new world of blogging. I thought, “Hey, this looks like fun!” and went for it! I brainstormed some of my favorite things… Bows, Leopard, Sequins, Glitter, Jewelry… and came up with the name Bows & Sequins. I checked to make sure the URL was available and started my blog that night. I’m not sure how I passed that final because I definitely stayed up all night creating Bows & Sequins, not studying.
WUYW: What was your biggest hesitation regarding starting a blog, and how did you overcome that hesitation? 

There was never any hesitation. I’m an impulsive girl! I stumbled across a personal style blog, instantly wanted to start one, thought of a name, and went for it! Seriously, all within a few hours.

WUYW: What would be your biggest piece of advice for others who are just starting a blog?

Stay authentic! Don’t try to be just like your favorite blogger. Bring your own voice to the community! And be persistent. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so worth it!
WUYW: What do you do for a living?  

I’m a social media manager for EIGHT different brands! Thus, I am glued to Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube around the clock.
WUYW: How would you describe your style?
It’s definitely preppy and girly. I always try to add some glam, too. But my style is constantly evolving! A year ago, you could find me in jeans almost every day. Now, I rarely even wear denim on the weekend.

WUYW: If you could only save one item from your closet (heaven forbid), what item would it be?
My By Malene Birger leopard coat. There’s quite a story behind this one. 


WUYW: Who or what is currently influencing your style the most? 

Honestly, my closet. I’ve been trying to shop less and re-mix more! When I’m in need of some inspiration, a quick trip to J.Crew or some Pinterest browsing is always helpful. I keep a notebook full of magazine tear-outs and random outfit ideas that pop into my head!

 WUYW: If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be with?
Blair from Atlantic-Pacific… hands down!

Now that you have gotten a little insight into Jessica's personal blogger style, head on over to Bows and Sequins to check her out for yourself for your daily dose of inspiration!

Thank you, Jessica!


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