Monday, September 10, 2012

there's an app for that!

Some Screen Shots from my personal Style Book App
So- I found an iPhone app through Pinterest that has changed my life completely! It's called "Style Book." Although it is not free, I believe that it's totally worth the cost ($3.99).

You can inventory your entire collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is time consuming at first, but once you get all of your things in the system you can add things one at a time as you purchase them.

Style Book allows you to build outfits much like you can on Polyvore- but with things you already have! It also has cool features like a calendar to plan your outfits/ log what you wore, as well a track the stats of your most worn items and your least worn items.
One of my creations on Style Book
You can even create inspirational boards and save ideas for hair, make up, etc. Best of all, every category is entirely customizable- and what fashion lover wouldn't adore that?
Another outfit of mine
Want to read a review of the app? Click here!
Want to download the app?  Click here!


  1. Super cute blog! xo.

  2. This seems like a really handy app! I'm a little hesitant to download it because I usually spend iTunes money on songs... but we shall see. :) Thanks for sharing!

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